Breathe easier knowing your lawn is breathing easier too! Spring aeration is a valuable step to ensuring your lawn is healthy and green. Aerating allows your lawn to breathe and receive water deep into the roots system. Judson Irrigation always recommends aerating at least once a year in the fall but also recommends spring aerating especially if your lawn hasn’t had it done recently. Let our...Read more

Now is the perfect time for a new system or renovations.Read more

With freezing temperatures arriving it’s time to winterize your system. Without proper preparation your sprinkler system might be damaged by freezing temperatures. Here are some basic steps to winterize a self-draining system (not a blow out system) but the easiest and safest solution is to let the experts at Judson Irrigation handle your winterization.

1. Set the controller so...Read more

The cooler temps and usually wetter weather are a perfect environment for growing. In the fall, plants and trees turn their attention to root growing and establishing a strong root system. Fall plantings also require less maintenance the following spring. Best of all, this time of year is just great to be outside! Here are a few quick planting tips from the experts at Judson Irrigation…Read more

With football just around the corner comes fall weather. Fall is the perfect time to get your lawn in optimal conditions after battling summer heat. The cooler fall weather gives your lawn a chance to grow lush before winter. The end of August is the perfect time to plan ahead for fall and here are a few things to consider when planning…Read more

Overseeding your lawn is a great step to keeping it healthy and is often overlooked. Some of the best lawns we’ve encountered have been successfully overseeded during the fall season. Read more

If there’s only one thing we can recommend doing every year to keep your lawn healthy, it’s fall aerating. Aerating allows your lawn to breathe and receive water deep into the roots system. Even though we’ve had a wet August, aerating is still important. In fact, a wet late summer can compact the soil and actually make fall aerating even more important.Read more

Anybody that’s gone for a morning walk in the neighborhood has assuredly seen some egregious water wasting. Typically it’s a sprinkler watering a driveway or sidewalk or an oversaturated strip of lawn oozing water down the curb. Regardless, it’s not only a waste of water but it’s also not helping the lawn either. A few simple steps can be done to reduce water waste while increasing the water going to your lawn.Read more

With the hot weather here, now is the perfect time to talk about smart irrigation. Water is our most precious resource and should be treated as such.  July is Smart Irrigation Month and Judson Irrigation has a few recommendations for helping you save water and money.

  • Watering Times: Water between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m.—when the sun is low, winds are calm and
  • ...Read more

With summer nearly here and the hot temps that accompany it, now is the perfect time to evaluate your sprinkler system’s coverage. As systems age and yards evolve, it’s critical to periodically check sprinklers to ensure your lawn is receiving uniform coverage.  Areas that are a little dry in June can turn into dried-out burn spots by July and August. And areas receiving too much moisture can be a breeding ground for root-rot.Read more

A properly running irrigation system is critical to a healthy lawn and a lower water bill. It’s important to routinely monitor your system and look for potential problems before they arise. Many irrigation issues can be spotted by simply watching the sprinklers in action and looking for areas that are excessively wet or exceptionally dry. For today’s topic, we will focus on spray heads, as these are the easiest to spot problems with.Read more

The age-old argument of when is the best time to water your lawn has been raging for years. Some people will say evenings, some will say mornings, and occasionally you’ll see sprinklers going full stream mid-day. As the daily temperatures start to climb, it’s important to know when to water.  Luckily Judson Irrigation has the answer to maximize your watering efforts.

The answer,...Read more