Overseed Your Lawn

Overseed Your Lawn

Adding additional varieties to your lawn will help it thrive

Overseeding your lawn is a great step to keeping it healthy and is often overlooked. Some of the best lawns we’ve encountered have been successfully overseeding during the fall season. Judson Irrigation has the knowledge and expertise to consult and handle your overseeding project.

A great analogy for overseeding is carpet. If your house is over twenty years old, you’ve likely or should replace the carpet. The same is true for your lawn. Having the same grass variety for twenty plus years without changing or updating will leave your lawn looking less than ideal. By periodically overseeding with new grass varieties, you can ensure that your lawn will be heartier and greener. New grass varieties will add disease resistance, drought resistance, and combat heavily trafficked areas. Best of all, overseeding is much more cost effective than putting in a new lawn!

Before you plan to overseed, be sure to aerate your lawn first for optimal results. The experts at Judson Irrigation can handle both and have your lawn looks its absolute best. We recommend overseeding in late September to take advantage of the mild weather. This will give the seeds time to take root and grow and be ready to thrive by next spring.

Questions about overseeding?