About Us

About Us

At Judson irrigation we are known for providing on-time, professional service and competitive pricing for the clients we serve. When it comes to the value we offer our clients, we have no competitors.

Judson Irrigation is known for longevity and trustworthiness in the residential and commercial turf irrigation and lawn care markets for the Lincoln and surrounding areas. We are hard working and property owners know they can call us at any time and get straight answers to their questions. We service and repair all sprinkler systems, regardless of the original installer. There isn’t a lawn care issue we’re not familiar with.


We are an innovative lawn care and irrigation company that is continually growing through our professionalism and education.  We continue to be the leader in our industry, providing solutions to our customers through hard work, dedication and loyalty.


To provide services, solutions and value for our customers’ lawn care and irrigation needs.  We work to create an outstanding work environment and provide a good livelihood for our employees.


We strive to be the regional leader in the green industry.  Using innovation, education, and communication in our day to day activities we provide the highest value to our lawn care customers and employees.