We’ve learned over the years that most irrigation systems that fail, do so as a result of poor design.  A pre-design visit to your property allows us to ask you about any special concerns you may have.  All projects are accurately hand measured prior to producing a computer generated design using our proprietary software which was designed and developed by Judson Byleen.

All systems we design and install incorporate the concept of balanced precipitation so that no part of your lawn will be too wet or too dry.  With our zone watering you will be able to conserve water by accurately setting zone watering times.

A Certified Contractor will flag the precise location of all sprinklers based on the custom design for your lawn.  Judson Irrigation assures you that well trained and knowledgeable installers will carry out the installation of your system.   It is our objective to leave your property looking as though a system has not been installed.  The specialized equipment we use and our conscientious employees make this possible.

Once the project is completed an as-built drawing will be made and given to you to show the locations of all components in your lawn system.  This reference is invaluable when contemplating landscape changes at your property and for the maintenance of your lawn sprinkler system.  Additionally, we spend the time you need to become familiar with the system and operation of the sprinkler controller once the system is installed.  At the end of the first season and at no additional charge, we’ll schedule an appointment to answer any questions and ensure your lawn system is prepared for winter.

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