Preventing Water Waste

Preventing Water Waste

Friday, August 4, 2017

A few simple steps can reduce water waste 

Anybody that’s gone for a morning walk in the neighborhood has assuredly seen some egregious water wasting. Typically it’s a sprinkler watering a driveway or sidewalk or an oversaturated strip of lawn oozing water down the curb. Regardless, it’s not only a waste of water but it’s also not helping the lawn either. A few simple steps can be done to reduce water waste while increasing the water going to your lawn.

  1. Over-watering: This is the most common cause of water waste. Most lawns can get by on less water than you’d think. Even eliminating one day of watering a week can make a difference. Aerating your lawn twice a year also ensures that the water is getting to the roots properly.
  2. Over-spray: Happens when sprinkler heads become turned or tilted and are watering pavement. These are easy to spot by simply watching your systems. Most sprinkler heads can be turned or rotated instantly to correct this. Judson Irrigation experts can assist with this as well.
  3. Obstructions: Sprinklers hitting fences, trees or decks can be the result of improper installation or incorrect nozzle head. Installing a nozzle with a different reach, angle or spray pattern can alleviate this.
  4. Leaks: Another common problem and one that can waste a considerable amount of water and drown your lawn. Leaks are the results of broken nozzles, water lines, or blocked valves. Leaks are best left to the experts at Judson Irrigation.
  5. Design: Sometimes the design of the sprinkler system or landscaping can lead to water waste. Clustered nozzle locations and inappropriate nozzle types can contribute to overwatering and underwatering in certain locations. Additionally, narrow strips of lawn or turf under trees or on steep hills can contribute to waste. Judson Irrigation can review your system and lawn for inefficiencies in the design and landscaping.

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