Fall Aerating

Fall Aerating

The best thing you can do for your lawn every year

If there’s only one thing we can recommend doing every year to keep your lawn healthy, it’s fall aerating. Aerating allows your lawn to breathe and receive water deep into the roots system. Even though we’ve had a wet August, aerating is still important. In fact, a wet late summer can compact the soil and actually make fall aerating even more important.

Let our experts handle your aerating and not worry about damaging your lawn or sprinkler system. We are so confident in our service that we will cover any damages that might occur free of cost. Schedule an overseeding at the same time for the ultimate healthy lawn.

Our services include:

  • Check & flag locations of sprinkler heads
  • Deep core aeration – 20% more plugs
  • Coverage of any damage to sprinkler system due to aeration
  • Clean up & removal of flags

August 15 - October 15 is the ideal time for aeration.