Fall Planning - Think Ahead

Fall Planning - Think Ahead

Friday, September 1, 2017

With football just around the corner comes fall weather. Fall is the perfect time to get your lawn in optimal conditions after battling summer heat. The cooler fall weather gives your lawn a chance to grow lush before winter. The end of August is the perfect time to plan ahead for fall and here are a few things to consider when planning…

  1. Aerate - Aerating is the number one thing you can do to ensure a healthy lawn. August 15–October 15 are the ideal time to schedule an aeration. Aerating your lawn is crucial to proper root hydration.
  2. Overseed  -  Overseeding  after  aerating  is  a  great  way  to  promote  a  healthy  lawn and  introduce  new  disease  resistant  varieties.Overseeding  is  ideally  done before the end  of  September  when  the  seeds  will  have  a  chance  to  take  root  and  enjoy  the milderweather.  A  second  pre-winter  overseeding  can  done  around  mid-November or later and  will  allow  the  seeds  to  stay  dormant  until spring  arrives.  Always  be  sure  to overseed  after  you’ve  aerated.
  3. Check System - Fall is the perfect time to check your system to ensure it’s running properly. After a full spring and summer season, it can sometimes be necessary to tweak your system or check to make sure everything is functioning at optimal settings.
  4. New plantings - Fall is also a great time for plantings and landscaping. If you’re going to call your landscaper, be sure to also call Judson Irrigation to ensure that new landscaping is properly irrigated.

Questions about fall planning, aerating, or overseeding? The experts at Judson Irrigation can answer your questions and assist with any of your lawn needs.


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