Troubleshoot Your System

Troubleshoot Your System

Know how to identify potential problems

A properly running irrigation system is critical to a healthy lawn and a lower water bill. It’s important to routinely monitor your system and look for potential problems before they arise. Many irrigation issues can be spotted by simply watching the sprinklers in action and looking for areas that are excessively wet or exceptionally dry. For today’s topic, we will focus on spray heads, as these are the easiest to spot problems with.

If you think you have an issue or have any questions, let the experts at Judson Irrigation help. Problems that might be daunting to a homeowner are often times an easy fix for our professionals. Below are some common problems to be on the lookout for...                          

  • Inaccurate pattern - This is usually caused by some type of blockage, either in the nozzle itself or in the screen. The nozzle/screen will need to be cleaned to eliminate what is causing the distorted pattern of spray.            
  • Leaking around the stem of the sprinkler head (also known as “blow by”) - This is usually caused by debris between the wiper seal and stem. In most cases the sprinkler needs to disassembled, cleaned, and reinstalled. It may be possible that the cap or seal is damaged and needs to be replaced to take care of the problem.
  • Leaking from below the sprinkler head - May indicate larger problems best left to the experts at Judson Irrigation to diagnose and fix.

Have questions about troubleshooting your system? Call us today to learn more.