July is Smart Irrigation Month

July is Smart Irrigation Month

Monday, July 10, 2017

With the hot weather here, now is the perfect time to talk about smart irrigation. Water is our most precious resource and should be treated as such.  July is Smart Irrigation Month and Judson Irrigation has a few recommendations for helping you save water and money.

  • Watering Times: Water between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m.—when the sun is low, winds are calm and temperatures are cool. This is the ideal time to ensure less evaporation and better saturation. 
  • Excessive Runoff: Periodically check your lawn for any excessive runoff or pooling of water. Sometimes a simple sprinkler head adjustment can save water and improve irrigation. The experts at Judson Irrigation can analyze your system and coverage.
  • Irrigate Efficiently: Drip irrigation and low flow rotating nozzles deliver water to the root system and reduce water waste associated with overspray or runoff.
  • Upgrade Controller: Consider upgrading to a Smart Controller that automatically adjusts to weather and the needs of a lawn and garden. There’s no need to have your system running after a good rainfall!

Want to learn more about Smart Irrigation Month and how you can help conserve water? Call us today for a consultation.

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