Fall is Planting Season

Fall is Planting Season

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Now is the perfect time to liven up your yard with plants and trees

We tend to think of spring as the ideal time to plant but fall is actually the best time for grass, plants, shrubs and trees. The cooler temps and usually wetter weather are a perfect environment for growing. In the fall, plants and trees turn their attention to root growing and establishing a strong root system. Fall plantings also require less maintenance the following spring. Best of all, this time of year is just great to be outside! Here are a few quick planting tips from the experts at Judson Irrigation…

  1. Have a plan and watch the weather: September and early October are the ideal time to plant. Watch for the weather to turn a little cooler. Identify the best places to plant and choose accordingly based on sun exposure.
  2. Mark your sprinklers before digging: It’s a lot easier to plant a flag then repair a broken sprinkler! Mark your sprinklers before digging and if you have any questions ask the experts at Judson Irrigation.
  3. Think smaller: Not only are smaller sized plant containers cheaper, they are less likely to have root balls and less likely to experience transplant shock. Keep in mind that plants will grow and avoid plantings too close together. You can always add in more next spring or fall!
  4. Mud in your new plantings and mulch in perennials: Be sure to give your potted plant a good watering before planting. After placing plants in their holes, water 2-3 times before adding soil. This will reduce the chance of air pockets. As perennials die back, be sure to give them a good mulching to insulate them over the winter.
  5. Adjust your sprinklers: Once you’ve planted, test your sprinklers for coverage. If needed, adjust sprinkler heads as necessary. The experts at Judson Irrigation can make recommendations for coverage as well.

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