Lawn Maintenance & Care

Lawn Maintenance & Care

  • Turf Consultation
  • Customized Lawn Plans
  • Service
    • Aeration
    • Fertilization
    • Over-seeding 

A well operating lawn sprinkler system is a must when it comes to having a great looking landscape.  There are other key pieces to the puzzle, which is why Judson Irrigation employs a highly trained and experienced Turf Manager.  Our Turf Manager can clearly explain the value of our lawn fertilization program, regular aeration and over-seeding, if necessary.

A regular aeration program is one of the most overlooked treatments.  Each aeration enables water and nutrients to get to the roots of your turf, creating a beautiful lawn.

Our five step fertilization program has been designed to handle the unique situations we face when it comes to various lawn requirements that exist.  This program changes from year-to-year to account for weather and other related changes that may affect your lawn.

If you live in a home that’s ten years or older, your lawn is the same age. With this in mind, there have been considerable improvements in the turf types that are available today.  By over-seeding an existing lawn, newer and improved varieties of grass will be incorporated into your lawn, making it healthier and better looking throughout the entire season.