A few simple steps can reduce water waste ...Read more


With the hot weather here, now is the perfect time to talk about smart irrigation. Water is our most precious resource and should be treated as such.  July is Smart Irrigation Month and Judson Irrigation has a few recommendations for helping you save water and money....Read more


With summer nearly here and the hot temps that accompany it, now is the perfect time to evaluate your sprinkler system’s coverage. As systems age and yards evolve, it’s critical to periodically check sprinklers to ensure your lawn is receiving uniform coverage.  Areas that are a little dry in June can turn into dried-out burn spots by July and August. And areas receiving too much moisture can be a breeding ground for root-rot.


A properly running irrigation system is critical to a healthy lawn and a lower water bill. It’s important to routinely monitor your system and look for potential problems before they arise. Many irrigation issues can be spotted by simply watching the sprinklers in action and looking for areas that are excessively wet or exceptionally dry. For today’s topic, we will focus on spray heads, as these are the easiest to spot problems with.


The age-old argument of when is the best time to water your lawn has been raging for years. Some people will say evenings, some will say mornings, and occasionally you’ll see sprinklers going full stream mid-day. As the daily temperatures start to climb, it’s important to know when to water.  Luckily Judson Irrigation has the answer to maximize your watering efforts....Read more


Have you considered upgrading your irrigation controller? New controllers offer greater irrigation flexibility and water-saving efficiencies. Best of all, our experienced technicians can quickly install new controllers that offer a number of slick features:  ...Read more


Have you noticed it’s been raining a lot lately? Take advantage of nature’s free water with a rain sensor and save on your water bill. A rain sensor automatically shuts off your sprinkler system when it rains, so you don’t have to worry about wasting water when you’re home or away. Judson Irrigation can easily connect a rain sensor to your irrigation system controller to start saving today!...Read more


With spring upon us and everything greening up, now is the time to start planning your outdoor projects. But before digging in on any spring yard project, always be sure to flag all sprinkler heads in the area and dig carefully for the first 12”.  ...Read more


Breathe easier knowing your lawn is breathing easier too! Spring aeration is a valuable step to ensuring your lawn is healthy and green. Aerating allows your lawn to breathe and receive water deep into the roots system. Judson Irrigation always recommends aerating at least once a year in the fall but also recommends spring aerating especially if your lawn hasn’t had it done recently....Read more



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Proper Service

  • Comprehensive spring turn on & evaluation of sprinkler system
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  1. Make sure soil and night time temps will remain above freezing
  2. Visually inspect the system’s backflow preventer for obvious winter damage
  3. Set the backflow preventer for summer operation
  4. Turn on the water source for the system
  5. Re-check the backflow preventer for any leaks
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It’s time to get your lawn sprinkler system winterized so that there will be no problems next Spring.  Call today to set up an appointment!


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