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A few simple steps can reduce water waste ...Read more


With the hot weather here, now is the perfect time to talk about smart irrigation. Water is our most precious resource and should be treated as such.  July is Smart Irrigation Month and Judson Irrigation has a few recommendations for helping you save water and money....Read more


With summer nearly here and the hot temps that accompany it, now is the perfect time to evaluate your sprinkler system’s coverage. As systems age and yards evolve, it’s critical to periodically check sprinklers to ensure your lawn is receiving uniform coverage.  Areas that are a little dry in June can turn into dried-out burn spots by July and August. And areas receiving too much moisture can be a breeding ground for root-rot.

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Though we specialize in irrigation at Judson Irrigation, we also offer a myriad of other services for your lawn and garden needs.  We’ve taken time to detail them here and invite any further questions you might have.  We can work with sprinkler systems or programs you already have in place, or we can create a customized program and plan for you.

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